Media - Impact Investing

JUNE 2018

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Metrics such as a the newly developed “Marx Ratio” can be helpful components to ESG measurement, but they can also be overly simplistic. It’s time for investors to be equipped with a broad array of metrics to evaluate ESG factors.

JUNE 2018

Investing for Climate Impact: Opportunities for Advancing Clean Energy

In a recent panel discussion hosted by Athena Capital, asset owners, financial advisors, policy researchers, and business entrepreneurs identified opportunities for investors interested in the transition to a less carbon-intensive energy economy.

APRIL 2018

ESG and Impact Investing: Q1 2018 News Highlights

During the first quarter of the year, some well-established investment management firms announced plans to offer significantly sized impact investing funds.


It’s Settled: We can Stop Referring to Impact Investing as an Asset Class

The impact panelists at Harvard Business School’s PE/VC Conference were in agreement that referring to impact investing as an asset class does more harm than good.


Webinar Recap: Defining Impact

A recent Fidelity webinar series featuring Athena Capital Advisors and The Global Impact Investing Network provided a primer on impact investing for family offices.