JUNE 2018

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Metrics such as a the newly developed “Marx Ratio” can be helpful components to ESG measurement, but they can also be overly simplistic. It’s time for investors to be equipped with a broad array of metrics to evaluate ESG factors.

JUNE 2018

Investing for Climate Impact: Opportunities for Advancing Clean Energy

In a recent panel discussion hosted by Athena Capital, asset owners, financial advisors, policy researchers, and business entrepreneurs identified opportunities for investors interested in the transition to a less carbon-intensive energy economy.

JUNE 2018

The Key Risks to Synchronous Global Growth

In an investment world where history tends to repeat itself, we can be certain the ongoing synchronous global economic expansion will eventually come to an end. Here are the five key risks that are most likely to derail the markets.

MAY 2018

The Money Illusion: Look at What’s “Real”

With nominal interest rates on the rise, is now the time to hold more cash?

APRIL 2018

ESG and Impact Investing: Q1 2018 News Highlights

During the first quarter of the year, some well-established investment management firms announced plans to offer significantly sized impact investing funds.