JULY 2017

The Modern Family Office is the Multi-Family Office

Lisette Cooper highlighted why high net worth families are seeking economies of scale to get the most out of the family office structure


Diversification, Active Management in Focus Amid Shifting Landscape

To many observers, the election results extended an eight-year ascent for US equities. Now that the so-called “sugar high” seems to be receding, however, discerning fund managers are starting to look a little more closely at the longer term impact.


Global Macro Hedge Funds: Man Versus Machine

November was an unusually poor month for quantitative/systematic (computer-traded) macro strategies, with many reputable names in the space down 5 to 9%. Conversely, it was an unusually strong month for discretionary (human-traded) macro strategies, with funds in Athena’s macro portfolio up 3 to 7%. By taking a closer look at this case study, we can better understand what to expect from both strategy types.


The Rise of Nationalism: Causes and Investment Implications

Why did this rise of nationalism occur, and what are the potential consequences for markets?


Webinar Recap: Defining Impact

A recent Fidelity webinar series featuring Athena Capital Advisors and The Global Impact Investing Network provided a primer on impact investing for family offices.