JULY 2018

A Calculated Impact: Lisette Cooper and Bill McCalpin Speak with AUM Boston about the Power of Impact Investing

Lisette Cooper, founder and chief investment officer, and Bill McCalpin, managing partner of impact investments, were featured in a June 2018 profile in AUM Boston, titled “A Calculated Impact.”

The article highlights how Athena Capital has developed its research-driven approach to incorporating values-based considerations into client portfolios. Commenting on what has been critical to succeeding with this approach, Cooper and McCalpin cite the firm’s investment-centric culture and commitment to customization and open architecture. “To be sure, it’s a harder business model to scale than a product-based model, but it’s what investors really want and what the firm needs to do in order to be a leader in impact investing,” McCalpin explains.

Cooper and McCalpin note that while implementing client-specific mandates is paramount at Athena Capital, the firm is also committed to giving back to the development of the impact investing practice. Athena Capital’s efforts here have included authorship of white papers such as “Building Impact Portfolios” (2017) and “Investing in Gender Equality” (2018). “Asset owners used to separate investing from philanthropy,” said McCalpin. “Now we are contributing to a disciplined field where the head and the heart are integrated—which is far more challenging.”

The full profile can be read here.