JUNE 2016

Athena Featured in Nonprofit News Profile Story

On June 16, 2016, Nonprofit News featured Athena Capital Advisors in a profile, highlighting both the firm’s value proposition for foundation and endowment clients as well as Athena’s leadership position in the impact investing space.

In researching the article, Nonprofit News Deputy Editor Nick Lioudis spoke to Athena Managing Director, Foundations & Endowments, John Tyler; Managing Director, Research, Kate Huntington; and Research Associate, Impact Investing, Jeff Finkelman.

“We try to separate the market noise from opportunities that create wealth over the longer term. Ideally, we try to balance the long-term perspective of a strategic asset allocation with more opportunistic, short-term tactical actions that take advantage of current market dislocations,” Athena’s John Tyler told Lioudis. He added, “Achieving this balance entails both a quantitative and qualitative assessment around asset allocation, which is provided by our portfolio managers and research staff. It is not a static, rigid process.”

Read the full article at NPNews.com, here.

John Tyler oversees Athena’s outreach to the nonprofit sector, and advises on governance, asset allocation and strategy implementation to clients ranging from foundations and endowments to educational, research and cultural institutions, as well as other organizations. Kate largely focuses on private equity and private real estate investments and serves as co-head of Athena’s research and manager-selection team. And Jeff works closely with Athena’s portfolio managers to help identify socially responsible, ESG and impact investments across all asset classes.