JUNE 2016

Athena's Impact Investing Research Paper findings detailed in Institutional Investors’ Practical Applications

June 2016 - Practical Applications, an Institutional Investor Journals publication, featured Athena Capital Advisors in an article highlighting the potential use cases stemming from the firm’s recent research paper, “Social Finance and the Postmodern Portfolio: Theory and Practice.”

The article, which appeared in the June 22 issue of Practical Applications, featured commentary from Athena Founder and CEO Lisette Cooper and Vice President, Portfolio Management, Michael Lear. The author, Aimee Picchi, highlighted the potential growth of the social investing space given the expected $30 trillion wealth transfer to the future heirs of the Baby Boomer generation. And among other themes, the article discussed the evolution of impact investing, the social lens that factors into how investors define returns, and how advisors can help set asset allocations optimized against investors’ financial and social goals.

In discussing the title of research paper, Cooper cited, “Modern portfolio theory only accounts for financial return from an investment… That framework is just too small to include impact investing. Impact investing practitioners are interested in another kind of utility: How do they feel about that investment? Do they get meaning from it? Do they feel they are making a difference in the world?”

The full article is available to subscribers of Practical Applications here.

With more than a decade of experience in impact investing, Athena has established a successful track record in helping clients align their investment portfolios to their social values. The firm accomplishes this through a systematic and reportable approach that can be understood by a variety of constituencies.

In February, the Journal of Wealth Management published the discussed research, “Social Finance and the Post-Modern Portfolio,” which was co-authored by Athena’s Lisette Cooper, Senior Advisor Dr. Jeremy Evnine, Research Associate Jeff Finkelman, Managing Director of Research Kate Huntington and Athena President and Deputy CIO David Lynch.