Athena’s Lisette Cooper Appears on Bloomberg Radio’s “Taking Stock”

In November 2014, Athena Capital Advisors Founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Dr. Lisette Cooper, spoke to Bloomberg Radio’s Carol Massar and Michael McKee on “Taking Stock.” The discussion ranged from the investment climate among the “BRIC” countries to wage growth in the United States.

Regarding the BRICs, and China specifically, Cooper said, “It’s not one monolith, just like the BRICs are not one monolith anymore. We used to think about the BRICs – Brazil, Russia, India, China -- all as one thing, but with low oil prices right now [there’s a] big difference between oil importers and oil exporters.”

The conversation also covered the “aging” of American companies, and the challenge of finding liquidity in both developed and developing countries.

Listen to the complete Bloomberg Radio interview here.

Athena’s philosophy around family wealth management is based on the institutional endowment model, espousing diversification across asset classes as being essential to managing and preserving family wealth over multiple generations.

Dr. Lisette Cooper founded Athena in 1993. As CEO, she sets the firm’s overall direction and leads Athena’s Investment Committee. Prior to founding Athena, Lisette served as Manager of Consulting Services for Barra Inc., now MSCI Barra.