JULY 2016

Athena's Lisette Cooper Named Finalist for the "Invest in Others Community Leadership Awards"

July 2016 - On July 27, the Invest in Others Charitable Foundation announced that Dr. Lisette Cooper, Athena Capital Advisors Founder, CEO and CIO, was a finalist for the 10th Annual “Invest in Others” Community Leadership Awards. Cooper was recognized in the “Catalyst” category for her ongoing work with the Boston Youth Sanctuary.

The foundation, based in Newton, Massachusetts, selected Cooper as one of 15 financial advisors nominated for the awards.

The awards seek to highlight the charitable work of financial advisors and financial services firms that actively seek to improve local and global communities. Cooper is an active member of the Boston Youth Sanctuary Board of Trustees. The organization seeks to provide a safe and nurturing environment for at-risk youths.

Winners of the awards will be announced in New York City on September 29. The Invest in Others Charitable Foundation makes donations of up to $25,000 to the designated non-profits of award finalists and winners.

Read the awards nomination press release here. Learn more about the Invest in Others Charitable Foundation here.