JULY 2016

Athena's Lisette Cooper on Investing, Volatility and Risk Management

July 2016 - On July 5, The Wall Street Journal’s quarterly Funds and ETFs special report featured commentary from Athena Capital Advisors Founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer Dr. Lisette Cooper.

The article, “For Investors, Fewer Places to Hide,” appeared on the first and second pages of the section and quoted Cooper as saying that while caution is warranted, investors should avoid being underinvested in the market despite the heightened volatility.

She added that while many have added to their cash positions in light of the recent uncertainty, short-term municipal bonds provide a yield of 0.9% versus money market funds, which are offering near-zero interest rates.

Cooper identified that improving corporate earnings could be a catalyst for the equity markets in the near term.

Read the full article at WSJ.com here.

Athena, founded by Cooper in 1993, adheres to an investment philosophy for family wealth and investment management that is based on the institutional endowment model, espousing diversification across asset classes.