Athena's Lisette Cooper Profiled in Private Wealth Cover Story

As part of its Winter 2017 cover story, Private Wealth featured Athena’s founder, CEO and CIO Lisette Cooper in a profile that detailed the path that led to both her founding of Athena Capital Advisors and the direction of the firm during its nearly 25-year history. The article, “Randomness, Rocks and Wealth,” was published on December 19, 2016.

Private Wealth Reporter Eric Rasmussen highlighted Lisette’s transition from science to finance during graduate school, further noting that following stretches at Merrill Lynch and Barra, she launched Athena in 1993. The article also detailed an earlier venture spearheaded by Cooper, Thinking Investments, a VC-backed predecessor to today’s robo-advisors that ultimately proved to be ahead of its time.

The article delved in to how Athena has progressed over time, building upon its quantitative roots and risk management orientation to become a leader in the burgeoning impact investment segment.

“The other thing you find out when you’ve been an entrepreneur for a long time is that businesses do change and evolve,” Cooper told the Rasmussen. “There are certain things that are interesting and important that are growth areas at one time that become your bread and butter. Then you find something new that’s a big growth area.”

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Dr. Lisette Cooper founded Athena in 1993. As CEO, she sets the firm’s overall direction and leads Athena’s Investment Committee.