Athena's William McCalpin Comments on Impact Investing to IR Magazine

In an article featured in IR Magazine, reporter Paul Hodgson offers readers a beginner’s guide to impact investing, citing Athena Capital Advisors’ 2014 research paper, Values-based and Impact Investing: An Introduction. Athena’s William McCalpin, Managing Partner, Impact Investments, also offered commentary for the piece, “Impact Investing: A Primer for IR Professionals,” which was published on November 23, 2016.

Asked to distinguish impact investing from sustainable investing, Mr. McCalpin explained, “If you asked 10 people, you’d get 10 different answers because the terminology is far from settled and continues to evolve. Sustainable investing focuses generally on public market investments – public equities and fixed income securities – while impact investing focuses largely on private funds and direct investments.” Read the full article here.

William McCalpin joined Athena Capital Advisors as Managing Partner, Impact Investments in November 2016. He leads Athena’s impact investing practice, working with clients to align their portfolios with their social and environmental objectives. Prior to joining Athena, McCalpin was the Chief Executive Officer of Imprint Capital Advisors, an impact investing firm that was acquired by Goldman Sachs Asset Management in 2015.

Athena assists clients with social investments across all major asset classes and implementation strategies, including positive/negative screening, impact, and shareholder engagement.