Athena's William McCalpin Discusses Impact Investing with WSJ Pro Private Equity

In a December 7 article that discussed findings from a recent survey by the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), The Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Pro Private Equity featured commentary from Athena Capital Advisors’ Managing Partner, Impact Investments William McCalpin.

The article, “Investors Diversify as Impact Strategies Gain Momentum,” highlighted some of the GIIN survey’s key conclusions, including significant growth in impact investments in the last two years and increased diversification of impact investment portfolios.

McCalpin commented that impact investing has benefited from a period of economic expansion. “When people’s portfolios are expanding, they feel [they] can do a little something on the side that speaks to [their] philanthropic interests.  So, there’s a cyclicality to it.”

He added that impact strategies have also benefited from a new generation of younger, affluent investors, particularly millennials, who want more than a pure financial return from their portfolios. “Our children looked at us and said, you really always saw this as an either-or situation, but we feel it could be both,” McCalpin said in the article, which is available to WSJ Pro Private Equity subscribers here.

William McCalpin joined Athena Capital Advisors as Managing Partner, Impact Investments in November 2016. He leads Athena’s impact investing practice, working with clients to align their portfolios with their social and environmental objectives. Prior to joining Athena, McCalpin was the Chief Executive Officer of Imprint Capital Advisors, an impact investing firm that was acquired by Goldman Sachs Asset Management in 2015.

Athena assists clients with social investments across all major asset classes and implementation strategies, including positive/negative screening, impact, and shareholder engagement.