Can Impact Scale? Athena’s Jeff Finkelman Offers His Take to Wall Street Journal

In an article featured in The Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Pro Private Equity newsletter, reporter Laura Kreutzer speculated about how the entry of larger private equity firms, such as TPG Growth and Bain Capital, could influence the broader impact investing space. In the story, published on September 14, 2016, she noted that until now, impact investing has largely been defined by its emphasis on early-stage investments and the activity of smaller venture capital funds.

Athena Research Associate Jeff Finkelman, who specializes in the impact investing segment, highlighted that while the interest of larger, growth capital- and buyout-oriented funds may ultimately redefine how some perceive impact investing, their presence and interest should be seen as a positive development for the industry.

“If they are able to focus on the impact measurement side and build on the expertise that the industry has had over the past 10 years, they could do the industry a great service,” Finkelman described.

Amit Bouri, CEO of the Global Impact Investing Network, was also quoted in the article, which is available to WSJ Pro Private Equity subscribers here.

At Athena, we view values-based strategies as the natural intersection between philanthropic giving and investing. Our capabilities in this area span all major asset classes and values-based strategies, including impact, ESG/SRI screening and shareholder activism.