CFA Institute Magazine Features Athena In Article Exploring Modern Quant Strategies

Athena Capital Advisors’ Lisette Cooper and Todd Burchett participated in a CFA Institute Magazine feature story that explored how firms with a quantitative focus have found success for clients through hybrid approaches that leverage a diverse array of quant strategies.

The article, “Hybrid Zone,” provided three case studies from firms that have either found new applications for traditional tools or have developed their own innovative strategies to support portfolio performance. The author, Ed McCarthy, highlighted Athena’s approach to both risk management, utilizing the firm’s quantitative portfolio analysis (QPA) software, and social investing, which extends upon modern portfolio theory using “a heterogeneous equilibrium model.”
In speaking with the reporter, Todd Burchett illustrated the value of Athena’s proprietary QPA software, noting that ex-ante views or forward-looking scenario testing can really help clients understand the level of risk they want to take. “We’re able to really quickly stress [the portfolio] and say, ‘How did you hold up in January?’” Burchett outlined.

The full article, published in the December issue of CFA Institute Magazine, is available here.

Todd Burchett, CFA, FRM, CAIA, is a vice president at Athena and a senior member of the Portfolio Management team. In this capacity, and as a voting member of the Athena Capital Investment Committee, Todd is delivers investment advisory services, including counsel on asset allocation, portfolio construction and other related functions.

Lisette Cooper, CFA and PhD, founded Athena in 1993 and today serves as CEO, CIO and Managing Partner. Previously, she served as a Manager of Consulting Services for Barra Inc., where she and her team specialized in modeling risk and developing investment solutions for institutional investors.