JULY 2017

David Lynch Shares ETF Investing Best Practices with the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal, in an article examining some of the nuances when investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), included commentary from Athena Capital Advisors Managing Partner and Deputy CIO David Lynch. The article, “A Smarter Approach to ETF Investing,” was published on Monday, July 10.

Reporter Michael A. Pollock examined some of the overlooked considerations amid the rise of passive investing as well as some of the pitfalls that tend to trap less seasoned investors. The article, for instance, highlighted how many ETFs can lend to performance chasing either by style through smart beta funds or in satellite positions through more specialized ETFs.

David Lynch, in speaking to Pollock, emphasized the importance of due diligence, an area many investors may neglect if they focus solely on fees when investing in passively managed products. “Sorting through numerous ETFs can be hard, but ETF shopping deserves as much time as analyzing actively managed mutual funds,” Lynch explained.

Read the full article at The Wall Street Journal here

David Lynch oversees all of Athena’s investment management and business functions, with particular focus on integrating strategy across asset classes, prioritizing research initiatives, and addressing client-specific requests. As a member of the Investment Committee, he helps guide Athena’s asset allocation, manager selection and portfolio construction processes.