MARCH 2017

Financial Advisor features article on Athena’s Gender-Lens Investing Approach for International Women’s Day

Financial Advisor magazine published an article featuring Athena’s gender-lens investing approach as part of its coverage for International Women’s Day. The article, “Large RIA Finds Insight by Looking Through a Gender Lens,” was published on March 8 and included commentary from Athena Senior Associate, Portfolio Management Katherine Burke and Athena Managing Partner, Chief Investment Officer, Dr. Lisette Cooper.

Financial Advisor journalist Christopher Robbins highlighted Athena’s culture, which has for years demonstrated gender equality, and discussed how Athena, in recent years, was able to expand was able upon that philosophy when a client asked to focus their portfolio on issues of gender equality. The article went into detail on the process of screening companies and funds for gender-lens investing which, Burke said in the article, “emphasizes diversified teams and avoids the worst offenders in gender inequality.” It also includes “firms and causes that support gender equality,” noted Burke.

The article delved in to how a gender-lens investment strategy has not only shown to reap strong returns for investors, but for women globally as well.

“I can say from experience, it’s hard to be a woman in an industry that’s dominated by men,” Cooper told the reporter. “You’re expected to take on male characteristics in order to be successful. For women to be the most successful, they have to be allowed to be themselves. That requires a certain amount of support, and there’s where feminism comes into play.”

Read the full article in Financial Advisor.

Dr. Lisette Cooper founded Athena in 1993. She sets the firm’s overall direction and leads Athena’s Investment Committee.

Katherine Burke is a Senior Associate, Portfolio Management, at Athena, where she oversees various aspects of client relationships, including the development of portfolio asset allocation. She joined Athena from Gratham, Mayo, Van Oterloo & CO LLC (GMO) where she served as Client Relationship Manager working with institutional clients.