Financial Planning Discusses Real Estate in a Balanced Portfolio with Athena’s Doug Cohen

Athena Capital Advisors’ Doug Cohen, Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager in New York, discussed the role of real estate in a balanced investment portfolio in two recent articles published by Financial Planning.

 The articles, “How to clear up clients’ misconceptions about real estate” and “Make sure clients don’t romanticize real estate investing,” were published on Sept. 18 and 20, respectively, as part of a month-long series titled “30 Day: To Build a Balanced Portfolio.”

In the Sept. 18 piece, reporter Kenneth Corbin explored some of the unique challenges and misconceptions of investing in real estate. “I think it’s the most heterogeneous asset class and therefore subject to the most variability and also the most analysis,” Cohen commented, adding that financial success in other fields does not necessarily translate to real estate. “I would argue that real estate truly is a different ballgame.”

In the Sept. 20 article of the same series, Corbin looked at how the allure and romantic notions around real estate investing can sometimes obscure financial pitfalls. “You really need to understand how to enter and exit real estate,” Cohen said in the article, adding that homework and research on a given market are a starting point. “There’s probably more variability in real estate than any other asset class.”

The full articles are available on Financial Planning here and here.

Doug Cohen is a senior member of the Portfolio Management Team and is responsible for delivering investment advisory services including asset allocation, portfolio construction and other portfolio management-related services. In addition, Doug oversees the firm’s New York office.