FundFire Features Kate Huntington in Coverage of “High Water Women” Impact Symposium

Kate Huntington, managing director, research at Athena Capital AdvisorsKate Huntington, managing director of research, joined a panel discussion on constructing impact portfolios at the 2019 High Water Women Investing for Impact Symposium in New York City. Huntington’s analysis and insights were subsequently featured in FundFire, a leading asset management news outlet. The article—“The Next Advisor Challenge: 100% Impact Investing Clients” by Tom Stabile, published on November 6, 2019—highlights Huntington’s observation that more clients are asking what it takes to align 100 percent of their portfolios with their social values and sustainable investing goals, including many who start with a relatively small amount of invested assets.

The article also points out Huntington’s view of the strategic importance of active dialogue with clients around their particular motivations for pursuing impact investments and discovering their specific areas of interest, such as climate change or gender pay equity. Such client engagement can define the terms of success for a portfolio. The insights, which are difficult to obtain without purposeful discussion, can also outline implementation tactics for different asset classes. Huntington added that the opposite can also be true: advisors who skip key client engagement about priorities can face difficulties on a number of performance levels.

The article also covers tools that advisors can use to create and implement impact portfolio strategies.

FundFire subscribers can read the full article here.

Kate Huntington, managing director, research, focuses on private equity and private real estate investments and is co-head of Athena’s research and manager selection team. She joined Athena Capital Advisors from Cambridge Associates. Kate has authored and contributed to several gender, impact, and portfolio management articles and materials.