Institutional Investor’s Foundations & Endowments Highlights Athena’s Jeff Finkelman and Impact Investing

In November, Institutional Investor’s Foundations & Endowments included Athena Capital Advisors’ Jeff Finkelman, a Research Associate in impact investing, in an article about the growth of the values-based investment segment.

The article, “Impact Investing: The Next Chapter in Socially Responsible Investment,” featured comments by Finkelman as to whether it is necessary to sacrifice financial return to achieve social impact. “We can move past [that question] to some extent,” Finkelman told II reporter Mary Cass. “The data is showing that in a lot of cases impact funds that are pursuing market rate returns are able to achieve those returns.”

Athena is a pioneer in the field of values-based and impact investing, which have been a focus at the firm for the past 10 years. The due diligence of impact and other values- based investments is fully integrated into the core research process, with the same team evaluating Impact and non-Impact investments.

Read the full article at Foundation & Endowments.

Jeff focuses on socially-responsible, ESG and impact investing across all asset classes. Working closely with Athena’s Portfolio Managers, Jeff helps identify and assess investment opportunities that align with client values or which have the potential to generate positive impact in areas of interest to clients.