JULY 2019

Jeff Finkelman talks impact innovations with FundFire

Jeff Finkelman Senior Research Associate Impact at Athena Capital AdvisorsAs high-profile private equity firms rev up new impact offerings, FundFire looked to Jeff Finkelman, senior research associate, impact investments, for his take on competitive impact funds and what this shift signals to private equity managers.

Finkelman comments that accepted standards for impact measurement are still in development, citing the current landscape as one where “there’s still enough room to innovate and improve.” However, taking into account the field’s lack of standardization, Finkelman warns that firms could create custom metrics to burnish their own results, making “it more difficult to compare firm A to firm B, and that may turn some investors away.”

The full article by FundFire reporter Tom Stabile can be accessed with a FundFire subscription here.

Jeff Finkelman, CFA, senior research associate, impact investments, focuses on socially-responsible, ESG, and impact investing across asset classes. Jeff previously worked for the US Small Business Administration with the office of Investment and Innovation.