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What Will Shape the Markets in 2019? A Game of 20 Questions, Part I

To the extent one can ask the right questions, the best available answer is often something other than a concrete "yes" or "no." Rather, ones best judgment must be used based on an assessment of the probabilities. It is in that vein that my posts this month are modeled after 20 Questions, with my best sense of the relevant probabilities provided for the 20 issues I believe are likely to prove the most germane over the course of 2019.


The Federal Reserve, China, and Recession Risk: A Look at What’s Impacting the Markets at Year-End

2018 is on pace to post the first down year for both global equities and the Barclay’s Aggregate Bond Index in the last 25 years. As we approach the New Year, we’re monitoring three important trends that could impact markets at year-end.