Athena’s Lisette Cooper Featured on Fox Business’ “Opening Bell”

Athena Capital Advisors’ Founder, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Dr. Lisette Cooper, joined Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo on the December 9, 2014 “Opening Bell” program to discuss the market outlook heading into 2015. She also discussed the market activity as well as the tightening credit environment in China.

“Right now we have gone a long time without a correction, so I would be fairly cautious at this point,” Cooper notes. “I think that most individual investors are going to have a hard time timing this market; it’s going to be pretty volatile.”

On the segment, Cooper also discussed rebalancing portfolios for risk allocation and the likely continuation of a bull market in the short term.

Watch the segment here.

Dr. Lisette Cooper founded Athena in 1993. As CEO, she sets the firm’s overall direction and leads Athena’s Investment Committee. Prior to founding Athena, Lisette served as Manager of Consulting Services for Barra Inc., now MSCI Barra.