Lisette Cooper and RIA Intel discuss Gender Equality and Pay Equity in the Financial Services Industry

The wealth management industry has been slow to progress in achieving gender parity, suffering the greatest discrepancy by profession in the number of female financial advisors and pay equity. RIA Intel reporter Kristen Oliveri examined the statistics and spoke to female leaders in the in the industry to shed light on how to bring more women into the investment advisory business.  

Dr. Lisette Cooper, founder and CIO of Athena Capital, points out that when recruiting women, the job description is a crucial, yet overlooked, consideration. Lisette explains that her firm modifies the language used in job postings “to appeal to both men and women. We even take names off of resumes to make them gender neutral when we’re evaluating them.”

Lisette also encourages recognition and diversity regardless of gender. “If you offer things like paid time off for maternity and paternity leave, then it no longer becomes a career penalty for one gender. If you allow all employees to work from or have a flexible schedule at home, then it’s a normal and natural part of the workplace,” Cooper added.

Cooper also hosts groups of women around the country, showing how they can make a difference while encouraging attendees to take action around gender equality. “Looking down the road, the wealth management industry has the power to be transformed by greater gender balance,” said Cooper.  

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